Drinks that blend with Spices

Our bar menu has specialized hand crafted cocktails with bartender's custom-picked Scotch and Bourbon and Rye Whiskeys along with delicious bar bites.  

Crafted Cocktail

Barrel Aged English Manhattan$14

one month aged English Manhattan in new American oak charred barrel.

English Manhattan $14

Garden of London$9

vodka, ginger, lime

Chennai Express$9

coconut rum, pineapple, honey, lime

Indian Mango Mule$9

mango, vodka, lime, ginger beer

Chatpate Margarita$9

spicy tequila, lime, cane, POM

Ms. Chelsea$9

citron vodka, blackberry, lemon, st.germain

Lord of Kensington$9

rye, lavender balsamic, brandy, bitters

Royal Pimm's cup$9

Pimm's cup, lime, orange, cucumber, mint, ginger ale

Waterloo station$9

scotch, lemon, grenade, orange


wines by the stem


Rose Cava $7

Catalonia, Spain


Prosecco, Veneto, Italy


Band of Roses$8

Rosé, Washington, United States


Ruffino, Pinot Grigio$7

Friuli-Venezia Giulia, Italy

Kung Fu Girl, Riesling$8

Washington United States

Joel Gott Wines, Sauvignon Blanc$9

California, United States

Franciscan Estate, Chardonnay$10

Napa Valley, United States


Cartlidge & Browne, Cabernet Sauvignon$8

California, United States

Rascal, Pinot Noir$9

Oregon, United States

Alta vista cls Malbec$8


Charles & Charles, Red Blend$9

Washington, United States



Goat Cheese Naan$4


Vegetable Fritter$6

Masala Fries$5

Chicken Mo.Mo.(6pcs)$8

Tandoori Wings$8

Chicken Meatball$6