The Best Curry in Town

Our menu offers wide selection of Indian cuisine with touch of British flavor-Indian dishes, including Chicken Tikka Masala, Butter Chicken with excellent balance of spices. Shahjahni Biryani, Tandoori Board, Curry Experience are few must try dishes at London Curry House to experience authentic Indian food with contemporary twist. Chef Ram has fashioned our dessert menu with his personal favorite desserts such as house made Mango Kulfi, Tapioca Pudding and more for dessert enthusiasts.

Menu items and pricing are subject to change.



Soup of the day$8

Roasted Beets Salad$10

honey glazed golden & red beets, goat cheese, candied pecan

Farmers Market Salad$9

market availability

Jhaal Muri$8

puffed rice, roasted sweet potato, green chili, tamarind chutney


warm spice, green peas, potato, tamarind, mustard

Kale Chat$7

spicy yogurt, mint, tamarind chutney

Gobi Manchurian$8

soy-tomato glazed, roasted garlic

Curried Pan Seared Scallops$12

curried parsnip puree, gun powder dust

Chicken/Bison Mo:mo (6 pcs)$9/12

himalayan dumpling, Indian spices, roasted tomato sesame chutney

Lamb Cutlet$9

shallow fried, herbs and spices scented patties, onion chutney

Crab Malabar$12

alaskan king crab, funnel laced, charred tomato


Chicken / Lamb Vindaloo$16/$18

golden potato, fiery spicy and tangy sauce

Butter Chicken$16

pulled tandoori chicken, creamy tomato sauce, fenugreek

Chicken/Salmon Tikka Masala$16/$20

tomato cream sauce

Moghul Braised Chicken$16

caramelized onion, cashew, yogurt & roasted garam masala sauce

Colonial Chicken Curry$18

granny smith apple, sultanas, house blend spice sauce

London Chicken Curry$18

bay leaf, onion sauce, warm spices

Mountain Goat Curry$18

bone-in goat, ginger, garlic, chunky tomato & onion sauce

Madras Lamb Club$20

black pepper, fennel seeds, coconut milk

Lamb Rogan Josh$20

roasted in ghee, onion yoghurt masala

Seafood Curry$22

trio seafood, coconut onion tamarind sauce

Aloo Nazakat$16

nuts and paneer filled barrel potato, creamy onion sauce

Mutter Paneer$16

english peas, Indian cottage cheese, tomato onion sauce

Palak Paneer$16

spinach, cottage cheese, cumin, garlic

Kadai Govi$14

cauliflower, potato, bell pepper, fenugreek

Mirchi Baigan$14

baked Indian eggplant-sweet pepper, peanut & sesame sauce

Malai Quinoa Kofta$16

cottage cheese, apricot, cashew nut fried croquette, creamy onion sauce

Mushroom Mutter Makhana$15

cottage cheese, apricot, cashew nut fried croquette, creamy onion sauce

Bhindi Masala$14

onion tomato chat masala, warm spices

Tawa Sabzi$15

grilled, eggplant, okra, mushroom, potato, cauliflower, tawa spice, tomato chutney

Chef's Special

Curry Experience$38

(for 2) choice of two veggies & two meat curries from Curry Section

Tandoori Board$45

(for 2) experience all our tandoor items in one board

Badami Lamb Chop$24

almond crusted rack of lamb, tomato salad, cranberry raita, onion chutney

Shahjahni Biryani$22

slow cooked goat meat, basmati rice & house blend spices


Malai Chicken Tikka$18

sour cream & house spice marinated, roasted tomato chutney

Sofiyani paneer tikka$18

cottage cheese, fennel

Tandoori Chicken$18

free range half chicken, tandoor spice, yogurt, black salt

Mango Shrimp$22

spice marinated shrimp, coriander, ginger, mango relish

Tandoori Salmon$22

tandoor spiced salmon, honey mustard chutney, purple potato

Seekh Kabob$20

house blend Indian BBQ spiced, ground lamb meat


Market Vegetable$6

Chana Masala$6

Aalo Gobi Mutter$6

dal makhani$6

sautée spinach$6


onion segments$3

Plain naan/Roti$3


truffle butter naan$5

Bread Basket$10

plain / garlic / onion kulcha

Dessert ($6)

house made ice-cream

Tapioca pudding

coconut milk, curried cashew nut

Gulab jamun

milk solids, almond

Ras malai

cheese curd, milk reduction, pistachios

mango kulfi

frozen creamy mango, condensed milk, saffron


London Curry House is perfect venue for corporate parties, dinner, birthday and anniversary. We also offer private dining room/PDR for up to 25 people for all events.